List of Emergencies

Sr.No. Name of Incident Sub type
1 Airport Emergency
Emergency Landing
Aircraft Crashed
Aircraft Hijacked
2 Animal/ Bird Related
Wounded Animal/ Bird
Dead Animal/ Bird
Trapped Animal/ Bird
Nuisance by Animal/ Bird
3 Assault on Municipal Staff
Assault on Ward Staff
Assault on Hospital Staff
4 Biological Disaster
Biological Disaster
5 Bomb Blast
In Train
In Vehicle
In Hospital
In Public Place
6 Building/ Wall Collapse
Retaining Wall
Entire Building
Part of Building
Likely to Collapse
7 Chemical Hazard
Gas Leakage
Chemical Spill
Chemical Disaster
Gas/ Chemical Smell or Odour
8 Cyclone
9 Drowning
In Well
In Sea
In Lake
In Nullah
In Septic tank/ Water tank
10 Earthquake Earthquake
11 Electricity Related
Short Circuit
Power Failure
Street Light
12 EOC
Bomb Blast
Terrorist Attack
Building Collapse
13 Falling in Open Gutter/ Drain/Pit Falling in Open Gutter/ Drain/Pit
14 Fire
Fire in Industry
Fire in Slum / House
Fire in Dumping Ground
Fire in Building
Fire in Hospital
Fire in Vehicle
Fire in Train
Fire in Ship
Fire in Forest
Fire in Public Place
15 Food Poisoning Food Poisoning
16 Landslide
17 Law & Order
Rasta Roko
18 Lightening
19 Morcha Morcha
20 Destruction of Railway traffic
Breaking of Overhead Wire
Technical Fault
Water Logging
21 Destruction of Road traffic
Traffic Congestion
Water Logging
22 Oil Spill
On Land
In Sea
23 Other Other
24 Pollution
Noise Pollution
Air Pollution
25 Radiological/ Nuclear Disaster
Radiological Disaster
Nuclear Disaster
26 Road Related
Road Caving
Road Accident
27 Sinking/ Collision of Ship
Sinking of Ship
Collision of Ship
28 Stampede Stampede
29 Strike & Bandh
30 Terrorist Attack
Terrorist Attack
31 Tree Fall
Tree Likely to Fall
Tree Fallen
Branch Likely to Fall
Branch Fallen
Unauthorised Tree Cutting
32 Tsunami
33 F.O.B. or Bridge
Likely to collapse
Collapsed of F.O.B. or Bridge
34 War
35 Water logging
Due to Rain
Due to Water Main Burst
Crack Overhead Water Tank
Dam Burst