Disaster Risk Management Master Plan


Collaborative Project between Earthquake Megacities Initiative and MCGM

  • EVALUATE the physical and socio-economic impacts of hazards
  • ACQUIRE the competency to plan for and effectively manage emergencies
  • DETERMINE a series of options to reduce risks
  • DEVELOP a coherent approach to managing the overall risk
  • ASSESS earthquake and flood risk scientifically
  • IMPROVE coordination among stakeholders
  • ENHANCE capacity building
Goals of DRMMP

First Responder Training

NSS and NCC students are trained on "Training To Trainers" basis. This training is given to Municipal, Government Staff, Police, Teachers, Corporate sector, NGOs and communities. Disaster preparedness programme is designed for schools and college students as well as for citizens.

Training consists of Basics of Disaster Management, Fire Fighting, Bomb prevention, First Aid & CPR, Emergency Rescue operation and Evacuation Drill etc.


Mock drills

a) Two mock drills are conducted annually by MCGM in each of the 24 administrative wards before monsoon in which agencies responsible for the administration of the city, civil defence and NGOs etc. participate.

b) Industries, Government Organisations, Police, etc. also conduct regular mock drills with all responding agencies frequently.


Mumbai Emergency Management Exercises

MCGM in collaboration with UNDP and a number of National & International Organisations conducted the Mumbai Emergency Management Exercises in 2008 and 2010 to strengthen the city's medical emergency response system through a series of trainings and workshops followed by a table top exercise and a field drill.


Tatpar Mumbai

A two days ‘Mega-Exercise and Exhibition on Disaster Management, Tatpar Mumbai 2010′ is organised where stakeholders display their products, programmes or services for Emergency Preparedness. About 10,000 people attend this exhibition.


Training Programs at School / Colleges

Incident Command System (ICS) training programme are conducted for Assistant Commissioners & Heads of the Departments.

Various Training of Trainers programmes, Ham radio trainings are conducted for Disaster Management Control Room staff. Training programmes for Disaster Management are regularly conducted for staff of the municipal wards, police officials, private security personnel, NGOs and Nehru Yuva Kendra volunteers.