बृहन्मुंबई महानगरपालिका Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
(Disaster Management Department)
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  About Disaster Management

Last updated on: 31 March 2017


The Disaster Management Unit (DMU) was set up in 1999 at the Municipal Head Office to tackle disasters in Mumbai. After the July 2005 deluge it was upgraded with modern equipment to handle emergency situations effectively.

The Unit works round the clock throughout the year. It serves as a Command & Control agency between the administration and field units. It is a single-point source for all issues related to disaster management. It coordinates with various key stakeholders for quick and effective response during a disaster.

The DMU is equipped with an array of communications systems. These include:

  • Land lines
  • Hotlines to 19 vital agencies, 3 major & 2 peripheral hospitals & 24 administrative wards. Each agency provides regular updates about the situation in the city.
  • Cellular phones
  • A Very High Frequency (VHF) wireless communication system by which the unit is connected to 58 installations for effective communication with key stakeholders and important agencies at all times to cater to any emergency.
  • Television sets which are tuned to major news channels to keep abreast of the latest news. Arrangement for installation of HAM radio on call.
  • A '1916' helpline through which Citizens can inform the MCGM about major / minor accidents, fire, earthquakes, bomb blasts etc. in the city as well as for lodging all types of civic complaints related to MCGM.
  • The MCGM website: www.mcgm.gov.in where complaints can be lodged. Computers, laptops, scanners, fax, etc. have been provided in the control room.


The DMU networks with 15 key agencies on hotlines. Each agency provides regular updates about the situation in the city. The DMU also elicits public participation by organizing frequent training programmes on disaster preparedness for communities, school/college students and corporates.


The DMU is currently preparing of a multi-hazard disaster plan for the city wherein the resources of various agencies are being identified and mapped.

  Main functions of DMU
  • Single-point source for all issues related to disaster management.
  • Risk Assessment
  • Prevention & Preparedness
  • Mitigation
  • Response
  • Recovery & Reconstruction
  • Command & control agency between administration & field units.
  Objectives of DMU
  • Ensure quick and effective response to any disaster in the city of Mumbai.
  • Improve coordination among all the responder agencies.
  • Provide information related to disasters to the citizens of Mumbai.
  • Encourage preparedness at all levels.
  • Provide assistance to all affected in the event of a disaster.
  • Alert citizens for likely/ expected and unexpected emergencies.
  Functions of DMU
  • Issue alert to all concerned agencies.
  • Provide early warning to citizens whenever possible.
  • Deploy first responders through Fire Brigade, Hospitals and Search and Rescue Teams.
  • Arrange for emergency supplies of water and food.
  • Arrange for transfer of stranded & marooned persons.
  • Arrange for emergency transport for the seriously injured.
  • Coordinate for setting up temporary shelters.
  • Coordinate with NGOs
  Tasks of DMU for Flood Preparedness
  • Note High Tide levels and dates and alert the respective departments & citizens.
  • Issue early warning to citizens through SMS.
  • Disseminate Information through print, electronic media and dynamic website etc.
  • Deploy Civil Defence teams in all sensitive wards during monsoon.
  • Prepare and update the Disaster Management Plan.
  • Prepare and update the inventory of resources.
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